Black Payback Dick Downed Defined

This cave dweller’s cheeks were painted in pumpkin spice, but she showed us today how her inferior anatomy was not designed for a BBC. Her skin protested in agony against my thrusts as I pushed deeper – a blow to the oppressive powers that had kept her down. She gasped as the sheer size of me seemed to overwhelm her senses and her mouth opened wide like Gollum catching an unwary catfish. Sweat trickled down her pale complexion, mixing with her saliva until it cascaded over my bronzed skin. I couldn’t stop, as if I were caught in a trance, each thrust inciting further pleasure until she screamed out in ecstasy. My climax exploded over her delicate features, eliciting a momentary shock before she devoured every drop with ravenous hunger. When she arrived home, clothed in my essence, I’m sure she must have walked tall like the little lord from Game of Thrones!

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Black Payback